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Martin Backhaus
12047 Berlin

Mobile: +49 177 8392474

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VAT / USt Id: DE283929299

Data / Privacy Declaration: This site does not use any Cookies and only minimal Javascript. It’s a static website so nothing is stored on the webserver (in a database for example) that is generated by a visiting user. The webserver is configured to not save any logs.

If you see a video of an external video website (like YouTube or Vimeo) on this website, there will be a connection to those external websites and they start to store cookies. Please check their privacy regulations. I setup the framework I use (Hugo) to only store external cookies if you press play. External links go to external websites that I do not control.

Acknowledgments: This website was created using Hugo and W3.CSS. Thanks to everyone contributing to those projects! And thanks to the Drupal contributors for developing and maintaining the framework I was using before that, for the last 7 years.