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KTM Motohall Racing Heroes

Immersive 360° media installation on 9 screens (2019)

Lavazza Museum Universo

The final room of the new Lavazza museum: “Universo” a 360° media installation (2018)

Paris Terror - The Hostages from the Hyper Cacher

Virtual Reality
Animated VR documentary about a terrorist attack on a supermarket that happened 2015 in Paris. (2018)

Drive Safer VR

Virtual Reality
A ‘Don’t get distracted while driving’ simulator for Samsung Deutschland (2018)

Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang Design

Multi-Screen 360° media installation with kinetic sculpture (2017)

Opel Adam GNTM 360°

Virtual Reality
A VR music video for Opel Adam and Germany’s Next Top Model (2017)

The Whisper of the Jaguar

Film Fiction
The Whisper of the Jaguar is a queerpunk-roadmovie, set in a region of the Amazon, that explores indigenous knowledge – and trance-states triggered by medicinal plants. (2017)

So funktioniert Landespolitik

Animation Short
Explanatory Short Film for the Baden-Württemberg State Representation in Berlin (2015)

Traces of my Brother

Animation Short
Max mourns the death of his brother, trying desperately to fill his shoes. But the boy becomes increasingly alienated from his family, the next disaster only a matter of time… (2015)

Die Menschenliebe

Film Documentary Fiction
Parallel moments of self-determination through sexuality. Two individuals with different handicaps, each living their own heterotopia. (2014)