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Dark Matter - Virtual Production

Virtual Production Short
A branded-entertainment short that combines Arri Alexa Footage and Motion Capturing with realtime GPU-renderings by CryEngine. (2014)

The Last Will / Erledigung einer Sache

Fiction Short
Short film by Dustin Loose that won a Student Oscar in 2015 (2014)

5 Years / 5 Jahre Leben

Film Fiction Visual Effects
The story of Murat Kurnaz who was imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. (2013)

Majub's Journey

Film Documentary
An “archival storytelling” documentary relying heavily on historic footage, about an African man who lived in Nazi Germany and worked as an extra in the movie industry. (2013)

Schuld sind immer die anderen

Film Fiction
My first 90min feature film post production supervision and online editorial. (2012)


Animation Short
Angelinho is a cautious Guardian Angel… a bit too cautious… (2012)

Light Years / Lichtjahre

Visual Effects
Strange Deja-vus occur to Astronaut Finn, until he realizes that there is a secret about his mission that will change his life. (2011)

Die Hand vor Augen

Film Short Fiction
A couple goes on vacation for a weekend and their future plans are disturbed… (2010)

Oury Jalloh

Film Documentary Fiction Short
The story of Oury Jalloh, who burnt to death in a German prison cell in 2005. (2008)

Rolltreppe abwärts

Film Fiction
A boy and his downfall in society. Based on the youth novel of Hans-Georg Noack. (2006)