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Schuld sind immer die anderen

Categories: Film Fiction

My Roles: Postproduction Supervision Online Edit / Finish

My first 90min feature film post production supervision and online editorial.
Schuld sind immer die anderen Still Photo

Ben is given the unique chance of a new beginning in the idyllic „Waldhaus“. As one of seven juvenile offenders he should adopt social skills and experience security in a family-like community. But when he meets his housemother Eva, he is shocked: She is one of his victims. His brutal assault on her was never resolved. Ben does his best not to attract attention, but Eva soon starts to suspect something.


Tags: Assimilate Scratch

Production: FFL Film- und Fernseh-Labor Ludwigsburg, Baden-Württemberg Film Academy
Director: Lars-Gunnar Lotz
Duration: 93 min
Year: 2012 - Country: Germany