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Traces of my Brother

Categories: Animation Short

My Roles: Project Manager / Producer Postproduction Supervision Online Edit / Finish Compositing Editor

Max mourns the death of his brother, trying desperately to fill his shoes. But the boy becomes increasingly alienated from his family, the next disaster only a matter of time…
Traces of my Brother Film Still

A boy is on the verge of adolescence and his world in the middle of war. And the world implodes upon him and his family. His brother – who once marched off proudly to fight amidst his family’s celebration has fallen, leaving the boy in deep mourning and his family disillusioned. Determined to follow in his brother’s footsteps, the boy searches for acceptance and orientation. He finally gets his hands on a red enlistment paper, but this supposed ticket to glory only stirs up the family’s many conflicts -and his own. Is peace possible at least for this one family?




Tags: Resolve After Effects Premiere Pro

Production: studioNICE & eyecatchproductions
Director: Moritz Mayerhofer
Duration: 14 min
Year: 2015 - Country: Germany